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This site (and sites to which we linked) contains information about grammars, verb conjugation and similar things - quite valuable information in language learning and using.

Main parts are :
- grammars of different languages
- verb conjugation
- dictionaries (they are in development).

Grammars available now are in English, German and Polish. Grammars of following languages are available: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish.

In the "verb conjugation", you can find forms of conjugation of English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian, Romanian, Greek and Albanian verbs.

We would like to recommend especially lists of most common words in different languages. The first 1000 words usually cover 78% words in a written text, it's even more in conversations. It's very reasonable to concentrate on most frequent words during learning of a foreign language and especially during repeating.